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Concrete Coatings

Procedures & Application

Concrete Preparation Procedures

Full Surface Grinding
Using a walk behind diamond-bit grinder, the concrete surface opens up the pores which allows the base coat to penetrate deep into the concrete.


Detailed Grinding of Edges and Corners
Grinding the edges tightly against the walls and corners ensures the coating penetrates, creating a proper bond to the concrete from edge to edge.


Crack Cutting & Crack Preparation
Cracks are cut with diamond wheel to clean up the jagged and fragile edges to ensure our filler will bond and have a secure hold on the sides of the crack.


Pitting – Spalling – Chipping
Grinding cleans any holes, broken pitting areas, and loose pieces of concrete. Uncleaned, these areas may compromise the integrity of the filler’s ability to make a permanent patch. (Its all in the preparation!)


Filling Cracks – Pitting – Spalling – Chipping Areas
Crack filler material is added and broken and pitting areas are filled then leveled with the rest of the floor with a final grinding.


Vacuuming Concrete Surface
The concrete surface is High powered vacuum cleaned to remove all concrete dust from the concrete pores to ensure a penetrating bond of the base coat material.


Tape work area as needed
Taping off work area keeps the job neat and clean.

Concrete Coating Application Procedures

Apply Base coat
The base coat is evenly spread over the concrete with a squeegee followed by a back rolling of the product using a 3/8 nap paint roller to ensure even distribution and full coverage.

Full Flake distribution
Immediately after base coat is applied, the full flake system is broadcasted over the top which soaks and bonds in to the base coat.

Scrap Excess Flakes & Vacuum Clean
The floor is cured for 2 hours. The loose flakes are then scraped in 2 directions and excess is vacuumed up to prepare for the top clear coat.

Apply Top Clear Coat
A top clear coat is applied over the entire floor system. The clear coat is squeegeed out and back rolled using a 3/8 nap roller to ensure an even, complete coverage of material.

Anti–Slip Silica Additive (Optional)
An anti-slip silica can be added to the clear coat, adding additional grip and texture to your floor system.

Wait 24 hours for foot traffic – 48 hours for vehicle traffic & ENJOY!

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