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Crack Sealing & Maintenance

Real Seal is a fully equipped commercial sealcoating company and can help you maintain your asphalt in every way. A major asphalt maintenance procedure is crack sealing. Sealing the cracks in asphalt is a crucial part in achieving your maximum asphalt life. If not sealed cracks allow water intrusion quickly leading to base erosion and potholes.

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Attention to detail ensures optimum crack sealing and repair results.

Crack Routing and Seal Procedures

Crack routing is the process of cutting the crack open to allow more tar into the crack at the surface. This extra tar can then stretch and is far less likely to split when the crack shrinks in the winter.

Clean and Seal Procedures

Cleaning and sealing is as it sounds, the cracks are cleaned of debris and sealed as they are. This procedure is less expensive and quicker and is more prone to splitting as the asphalt shrinks in the winter. This procedure does still protect your asphalt by drasticly minimizing water intrusion.

Hot Tar Crack Filling

Cracks are inspected and thoroughly cleaned, routing when necessary. Hot tar is then carefully applied to every prepared crack in order to ensure proper adhesion and lasting results.

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