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Residential Sealcoating

It's the little things that make a big difference!

What sets Real Seal apart from the others? We provide the best customer service, sealcoating experience, and products you can find. Most of all we care about you and your satisfaction with the job we did for you. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Here are the steps Real Seal takes to ensure optimum results, from start to finish:


We power edge the grass away from the edges of the driveway. This prevents over growth as well as protects the most vulnerable part of your driveway: the edges.

Power Brooming

Our power broom cleans any sand or dirt that may stick to your driveway as well as cleans deep into cracks and low lying dips or pits. This allows proper adheasion of the sealer and tar to the asphalt.

Power Cleaning

Using a power blower, your surface is carefully cleaned of any debris.

Fill Cracks

We fill cracks with hot tar, which has flexibility, allowing it to move during the freeze/thaw cycles. We use a commercial grade polymer mix that will provide years of durability and strength.


The mix is applied heavily and evenly by hand in order to ensure proper, even coverage.


Care is taken while applying the mix to your driveway or parking lot, keeping the sealcoat off of your grass, sidewalk, garage aprons, etc.

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