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Why Choose Real Seal Sealcoating?

Real Seal Sealcoating not only provides the best sealcoating service in the twin cities area but we also use the best products and equipment on the market. This along with well trained sealcoating professionals makes for a great end product.

This information Center will provide you with further information and answer your questions, such as:

  • Do you need Sealcoating?
  • What to expect when using Real Seal – step by step.
  • Why chose Real Seal?

Does your driveway or parking lot look like this?

Gray Look

As asphalt ages it turns from black to gray. The binder that holds the aggregate within the asphalt together is becoming brittle and deteriorating, known as raveling. This is due to the intensity of the UV rays beating down on the bare asphalt, causing the asphalt to weaken, making it brittle and dry which leads to cracking.


Cracks are a major cause of water penetration leading to erosion of the base rock underneath the driveway as well as under the garage

Oil Spots

Oil spots on a driveway are both an eyesore as well as extremely damaging to the integrity of the asphalt binder which holds the asphalt together. If oil spots are not treated, you will notice rapid deterioration.


Grass has an amazing ability, if not properly maintained, to grow over the edges of a driveway or parking lot and in many cases will eventually break through the asphalt. This causes the edges to crack and crumble.

Three reasons to choose Real Seal as your professional asphalt sealcoater of choice:


Every project, every driveway and parking lot, is overseen by Dan Servais, owner of Real Seal. Dan is extremely active with the operations of Real Seal throughout each day, from meeting the crews on jobsites, to driving by jobs throughout the day. Quality control and customer satisfaction is very important. Dan’s experience and passion for sealcoating is clearly seen through the company’s work.


Real Seal uses only a commercial-grade quality latex polymer that provides you with extra strength and durability. Some add water to their mix in order to  s-t-r-e-t-c-h  it, which will still protect your driveway, but not nearly as long as it should. With Real Seal, you are assured of a full-strength product that will last for years to come.


Not only can you rely on the durability of Real Seal’s product, but your can rely on the company as well. Real Seal is there – on time, on schedule. Dan stands by his work – guaranteed!  Need we say more?

Here are the steps Real Seal takes to ensure optimum results, from start to finish:


We power edge the grass away from the edges of the driveway. This prevents over growth as well as protects the most vulnerable part of your driveway: the edges.

Power Brooming

Our power broom cleans any sand or dirt that may stick to your driveway as well as cleans deep into cracks and low lying dips or pits. This allows proper adheasion of the sealer and tar to the asphalt.

Power Cleaning

Using a power blower, your surface is carefully cleaned of any debris.

Fill Cracks

We fill cracks with hot tar, which has flexibility, allowing it to move during the freeze/thaw cycles. We use a commercial grade polymer mix that will provide years of durability and strength.


The mix is applied heavily and evenly by hand in order to ensure proper, even coverage.


Care is taken while applying the mix to your driveway or parking lot, keeping the sealcoat off of your grass, sidewalk, garage aprons, etc.

The Finished Product