Sunken driveways and aprons can be a sign of greater damage to your driveway or even your foundation.

There’s quality and care in every step we take to repair your sunken driveway:

  • Saw cut and remove up to 3 feet of asphalt apron (amount varies to create proper drainage)
  • Add new class 5 (base rock) to exposed area and fill eroded foundation
  • Compact new base so there is no further settling or drainage issues
  • Apply and rake new HOT asphalt to create seamless transition from garage to driveway
  • Compact new asphalt to match existing driveway’s durability and texture

Sunken Apron - Fixed

AFTER – Repaired Apron

Sunken Apron 2

BEFORE – Is your driveway sinking like this?

Sunken Apron

BEFORE – Hidden damage is revealed